4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Flawless

If you are new to the social media, branding, and blogging scene, you may not know exactly where to start. Sure - you've got your social media handles, a profile photo, maybe you've read up on the best times to post content. So, that's it right? Eh - not really.
But don't fear - that's where we come in to help you!


Meaning you want your name, face and presence to match who you are offline. No need to try and be someone you're not, right? Most people use their first and middle name, first and last name, or are creative enough to create something unique.

The bios match up. The picture matches up. The headers match up. No matter if you've been blogging for years, or have run your own business for a few weeks - having profiles match across the platform makes you and your brand look better, seem authentic, and people are more inclined to trust what you say. 


This one is always a bit tricky, because for many of us, we get stuck on what to write, when to write it, and what time to share it. There are endless topics you can cover, but you want to be specific to your niche and audience. For example, I write my content for the young entrepreneur that may need help consistently growing their presence and managing their content. I also write about my faith in Christ and life which caters to a different audience. Both are valuable and meaningful, but it can get tricky on creating the kind of content they'll read.

So, when trouble comes, try searching Facebook groups, twitter hashtags, and peruse Pinterest all hours of the night reading up on what others in my industry are saying. Reading, sharing and researching your industry will give you enough content to create for a lifetime. 


Whether you join a Facebook group, join a twitter chat or go on a following spree via Instagram. From every flawless social media account I've seen has some form of networking involved. People love to talk about themselves, and share what they've done - groups and twitter chats are (hands down) the best ways to connect with like-minded individuals and builds your authority in your respective fields. 


But really, the only way your social media platforms can be flaw-less, is if you're showing the world your authentic you. Followers can tell if you're not being yourself, and that can hurt and hinder your business' and brand's success. Share a piece of your true self with the world, and the world will welcome it. Guaranteed.