One Thing Your Business is Lacking

When it comes to running a business, there's so much to account for; website developments, branding, strategy, marketing, that it can feel pretty overwhelming. However, we've narrowed our thoughts down to one main thing that most businesses are lacking.


We've found a few reasons on the importance of consistency, here's our top 3. 

1. Peace of Mind

Undoubtedly the most important reason, EVER. There's no greater feeling than knowing that having some sort of schedule and rhythm to navigate through life will give you peace of mind. Having the right team, marketing strategy, business plan is essential to your business and without consistency, there can be days where you're off schedule and lagging behind.

2. It's about progression, not perfection.

The one thing that consistency gives you, is progression over any area of your life. Setting routines, sticking to a schedule, having accountability will enable you to find your own rhythm over all the things you're responsible for. We've all got a lot going on and it's hard to not feel defeated when we don't have a set routine. The beautiful thing about finding consistency is that it  leads you to making progress in your life, and not striving for perfection. 

3. Consistency = Character Building.

Ah, yes, the "C" word: character. No one really likes to admit that consistency or time-management, any of these things that we do or don't do well is a reflection of our character. But, it is. Why are we so unmotivated to get things done? Why are we so great at having strong starts, but terrible endings?

Consistency is a character building tool.