The Basics: Creating Your Content

One of the biggest struggles we hear about, is understanding what to say and when to say it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with marketing efforts when it seems like your industry is filled with the same fluff, same ideas and same… content.

The good news is that while content may feel similar to yours, you bring a unique voice, unique experience and understanding that no one else can.

So, what are some helpful ways to start outlining and creating your content? We’ve got a few ideas to share with you.

creating content gif.gif

Don’t worry.. .it’s okay if this is you.

  1. Share what inspires or motivates you. Believe it or not, everyone wants to feel and be inspired. Creating content that motivates your audience is great, especially when you’re wanting to establish and build a relationship with them. Normally, #MotivationMondays are the go-to but beyond a common hashtag, really think about what your audience needs in order for them to keep going.

    Like you, your audience is trying to navigate their space, their creative spirit and entrepreneurial journey. We have the privilege of sharing in this common experience so sharing motivation and inspiration is a quick and easy and authentic way to connect and create valuable content.

  2. Educate & Inform. This may be an easy one, but for many people, we suffer from ‘imposter-syndrome’ and are unsure that we’re qualified to consider ourselves an expert. Yes, through time, trial and error, our expertise is developed, but it’s important to know that you do bring a wealth of knowledge on the subject matter at hand.

    If you’re a photographer - you know about lighting, staging, colors, edits. If you’re a social media marketer - you know about timing, analytics, the varying needs of social media. Jot down all the tiny tiny tidbits of information you do know. If it’s 1-2-3 things.. that’s a start; and that’s what you need.

  3. Upcoming projects, services and/or launches. Easier said than done, and yes, this may require a little more thinking but it’s important to promote yourself and your services. If you’re planning to launch a new download, class, product, it’s time to let the public know. Create content and a buzz around your offerings and that’ll boost your content up a notch.

Your mission, should you choose, is to spend some time (approx. 20-30 minutes) brainstorming and creating your content for your marketing and social media. Click here to Download your ‘Create Your Content’ freebie here!

We’ll check back in on this, but if you find this post helpful and the freebie helpful, shoot us a quick email, leave a comment and let us know!